Dondukov Aleksandr Nickolaevich

Born on March 29, 1954 in the small Upravlenchiskiy town in Samara State, Russian Federation.

In 1977 graduated from MAI University, the faculty of jet-design. Became candidate of Technical Science. Since 1978 till 1985 work at Mikoyan OKB advancing from engineer, senior-engineer to project designer of flying test.

Since 1985 Mr. Dondukov – Deputy Chief Designer and Chief Designer Yakovlev OKB. With 1989 – general designer A.S.Yakovlev EDB, after privatization of the enterprise – the general designer and the chairman of board of directors of joint-stock company “EDB of a name A.S.Yakovlev”. 

UTK-Yak training complex consists of ground training aids, flight simulators, the Yak-54M aircraft for initial flight training, the UTS Yak-130 aircraft for lead-in and advanced flight training.

May, 18 2000 Dondukov was appointed as Minister of an industry, a science and technologies of the Russian Federation.

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