Ivanov Evgeniy Aleckseevich

Иванов Е.А,Hero of Socialist Labor (1976), the Soviet aircraft designer. A deputy of General designer OKB of name of P.O.Sukhoi. The general designer with 1977 on 1983.
In many respects due to his “penetrative” abilities airplanes Su-7B, Su-9 and Su-15 were introduced into the inventory.
In May of 1977 flight tests of the first copies of fighter T-10-1 have begun. But after comparison of its characteristics and the main competitor – F-15A, in a design of an airplane and the engine was changes which list totaled 20 points are brought. April, 20 1981 the new fighter – T-10-7 (T-10S) in which from the old machine there were only trunks of wheels of primary struts a landing gear and an ejection seat K-36 has taken off. With 1982 it was mass-produced as Su-27 Flanker.
Since 1981 be ordered activities on creation of supersonic bomber T-60S.

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