MiG-25BM (RBM, product 02M, product 66) «FoxBat-F»

antiradar recon / bombers

MiG-25RB with Kh-58 (prototype MiG-25BM )
This is a single-seat supersonic reconnaissance bomber designed to ensure a break through the enemy defense line with electronic and fire suppression of the enemy air defences. Development of this recon-bomber was sanctioned by the Government’s decision of 13 July, 1973.
The design of the aircraft started in 1974. This recon-bomber has the Jaguar antiradar system, target designation system for the Sych antiradiation homing missile, defensive electronic ECM system consisting of the Beryoza-L radio surveillance system and Syren-1D-OZh and Lyutik active jamming systems. The aircraft weapons suite includes four Kh-58 (Kh-58U) antiradiation missiles.
Mig-25 BM with drop tank During 1974-1976, all components of the MiG-25BM equipment complex underwent testing aboard the MiG-25RBs (tail numbers #303 and #401). The maiden flight of the MiG25BM prototype (#2047, tail number 47) was made on 27 January, 1977 by pilot Shchelkunov. During 1977-1980, the aircraft participated in the official testing programme. During the official testing in 1981, the aircraft carried four Kh-58U missiles. MiG-25BM recon/bombers had remained in series production during 1982-1985. The total production is 40.

Design OKB A.I.Mikoyan
Type MiG-25RBM
NATO code name FoxBat-F
Function antiradar plane
First flight 27.01.1977
Crew 1
Dimensions & Weight
Length, m 22,27
Overall height, m 6
Wing Span, m 13,42
Wing Area, m2 62,4
Take-off weight, kg max. 41200
normal 37000
Internal fuel, kg 15245
Engines 2 Turbojet R-15BD-300
Thrust, kgf (kN) max 8800 (86,3)
in afterburner 11200 (109,8)
Range, km supersonic 1635
subsonic 1865
Range with drop tank 5300 l, km supersonic 2130
subsonic 2400
Max. speed at altitude, km/h (M=) 3000 (2,83)
Practical ceiling, m 23000
Max g-load 3,8 (5)
Missiles AS 2-4 Kh-58U
AA R-60
Bomb, kg 4000




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