ОКБ Микояна

MiG-25RBS (product 02S, product 51)
reconnaissance bomber

MiG-25RBS    This is a single-seat supersonic reconnaissance bomber, a version of the MiG-25RB with the Sablya (product 122) side looking radar for all-weather radio reconnaissance of the ground targets in poor visibility conditions (night time and clouds). An experimental model of this recon-bomber fitted with the Sablya side-looking radar (MiG-25R #304) was assembled in the summer of 1970 and officially tested for production during 1972-1973. The MiG-25RBS was in mass production during 1973-1977.

MiG-25RBSh (product 02Sh)

MiG-25RBSh    This is a single-seat supersonic reconnaissance bomber, a modified version of the MiG-25RBS with the more powerful Shompol radio reconnaissance station (side-looking radar) featuring enhanced resolution at low and high altitudes and "moving-target-selection-within-the-swath" mode. This version was assembled in 1980. Earlier developed MiG-25RBS recon-bombers were refitted in line with the MiG-25RBSh recon-bomber standard.

MiG-25RBS with in-flight refuelling capabilities

    This is an experimental version of the MiG-25RBS reconnaissance bomber fitted with an in-flight refuelling system and retractable refuelling probe located in the right front of the cockpit. This version was built in the late 80s. 


Design OKB A.I.Mikoyan
Type MiG-25RBSh
NATO code name FoxBat-B
Function reconnaissance bomber
First flight 1980
Crew 1
Dimensions & Weight
Length, m 21,55
Overall height, m 6,5
Wing Span, m 13,42
Wing Area, m2 61,4
Wheel base, m 5,139
Wheel track, m 3,85
Take-off weight, kg max 41200
normal 37000 (35670)
empty 19070
Internal fuel, kg 15245 (14980)
Engines 2 Turbojet R-15BD-300
Thrust, kgf (kN) max 8800 (86,3)
in afterburner 11200 (109,8)
Flight data
Range, km supersonic 1635
subsonic 1865
Range with drop tank 5300 l, km supersonic 2130
subsonic 2400
Max. speed, km/h (M=) at altitude 3000 (2,83)
Practical ceiling, m 23000
Bomb, kg 5000
AA missiles R-60

 Scheme of MiG-25RBS (1978)
MiG-25RBShMiG-25RBSh in DDR (1991 г.)


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