MiG-31FE FoxHound
multipurpose frontline fighter

MiG-31FE     In 1995, at the 41st International Air Show in Le Bourget, the MiG Aircraft Scientific and Production Complex (MiG ANPK) presented yet another MiG-31 derivative design - the MiG-31FE multipurpose frontline fighter featuring an improved weapons suite and new avionics. Such an aircraft is supposed to operate the majority of the air-to-surface missiles currently in service with the Russian Air Force (RusAF). The Kh-31P and Kh-25MP missiles are to become the main ground radar killers while the Kh-31A anti-ship active radar homing missiles will engage naval surface targets. Tactical air-to-surface guided weapons are going to include two Kh-59M missiles or three Kh-59 TV command guidance missiles or three lighter Kh-29L/T missiles. Instead of the missiles the aircraft can carry smart bombs - three KAB-1500L/TKs or 8 KAB-500Kr bombs - should the need arise. The laser and TV equipment of the air-to-surface weapons control system will be accommodated in an external pod. The maximal warload weight is to reach 9,000 kg (6 FAB-1500 bombs).MiG-31FE
    To kill aerial targets, the MiG-31FE will further operate the Zaslon radar, long-range missiles R-33, the RVV-AE medium-range missiles and R-73 short-range missiles. With a mixed variant of armament, the aircraft will carry both types of the weapons (for example, four Kh-31s and four RVV-AEs), with belly-mounted air-to-surface missiles and the air-to-air missiles mounted under the wings. As to the configuration, design and power plant, the MiG-31FE differs but slightly from the series MiG-31 aircraft. The MiG-31FE maximal take-off weight grew up to 50 tonnes, the range in a subsonic mode is 2,500 km (with external fuel tanks - 3,000 km), in a supersonic mode - 1,200 km. At the customer's request, there can be western weapons and avionics installed and integrated with the Russian systems.
    The machine created with a sight on export, has drawn attention of the Russian air forces and the majority the MiG-31 will be modernized in the MiG-31BM.

Design MiG ANPK
Type MiG-31FE
NATO code name Foxhound-B
Function multipurpose frontline fighter
First flight 1998 (?)
Crew 2
Dimensions & Weight
Length, m 22,69
Overall height, m 6,15
Wing Span, m 13,46
Wing Area, m2 61,6
Max. take-off weight, kg 50000
Max. warload, kg 9000
Engines 2 Turbofan D-30F6
Thrust, kgf (kN) max -
in afterburner 15500
Speed, km/h (M=)
max at altitude 17500 m 3000 (2,83)
max at ground level 1500
Max g-load 5
Range, km subsonic 2500
subsonic with drop tank 3000
supersonic (М=2,35) 1200
Missiles AA R-33E 6
R-40TD 2
Missiles AS Kh-31P, 31A 6
Kh-25MP, -25MPU 6
Kh-59, Kh-29L/T 3
Kh-59M 2
Bomb KAB-1500 3
KAB-500 8
FAB-1500S 6

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