Mikoyan Design BureauА.И.Микоян

      MIKOYAN Artiom Ivanovich (05.08.1905 - 09.12.1970) – General Designer, Academician of USSR Academy of Science (1968), Doctor of Technical Sciences, colonel-general of Air Force engineering service (1967), twice Hero of Socialist Labor (1956, 1957).
      Born in Armenian village of Sanain (Armenia). In 1923 entered factory and plant school at "Red Aksai" plant in Rostov-on-Don city. In 1925 worked as technician at "Dinamo" plant in Moscow. In December of 1928 was drafted into the army. In two years after demobilization returned to Moscow and worked at "Compressor" plant. In 1931 was taken in into Air Force Academy named after N.E.Zhukovsky. During study in the Academy his friends and he built a light aeroplane "Oktyabrionok" (1936).
      After brilliant graduation from the Academy (1937), he worked at State Aviation Plant №1 named after Aviakhim in Moscow, first time as military representative (1937-1938), then headed design bureau on series-produced fighters at N.N.Polikarpov Design Bureau (1938-1939). Since 1939 worked as Chief of Experimental Design Department (EDD) of that plant. In 1940 A.I.Mikoyan became a Chief Designer of Aviakhim Plant №1. In 1940, Mikoyan along with Gurevich designed their first fighters Mig-1 and Mig-3. Mig-3 was a very successful aircraft and entered serial production right in the year 1940. 
      Since 1942 he was a Director and Chief Designer of Moscow Plant №155 reorganized from EDD. In 1941-1945 a number of fighters with high aircraft performance - I-220...I-225, I-250 with combined powerplants - was created under A.I.Mikoyan supervision. Since 20 of December of 1956 he became the General Designer.
      A.I.Mikoyan managed EDB collective formation and creation of outstanding planes which later received world recognition. A series of experimental fighters were built: MiG-9, MiG-15, MiG-17 (reached the supersonic speeds), MiG-19 (first serial supersonic fighter of the USSR's airforce). Famous MiG-21 with a triangle wing and thin profile, capable of reaching speeds twice the speed of sound, became most serially produced fighters in the world. It's believed that over 10000 MiG-21s were assembled and huge profits made from export. One of final projects, built under Mr. Mikoyan's management, were MiG-23 - first national fighter with variable-geometry wings and fighter-interceptor MiG-25 capable of traveling 3 times the speed of sound.
      In total, Mikoyan's aircrafts set over 55 world records. He was a senator of the USSR's parliament in 1950-70s. Awarded with Lenin Premium (1962), State Premium (1941, 1947, 198, 1949, 1952, 1953).
      Awarded with six Lenin Orders, Order of October Revolution, Red Banner Order, 1st degree Order of Patriotic War, two Orders of Red Star, medals.
      There is a bronze bust and memorial museum complex in Sanain village in Armenia.

М.И.Гуревич    GUREVICH Mikhail Iosifovich (31.12.1892 - 21.11.1976) - Aircraft Designer, Doctor of Technical Science (1964), Socialist Labor Hero (1957).
      Was born in Rubanschina village of Kursk Province.
      In 1925 graduated from Kharkov technology Institute on the subject of aircraft construction. During the study at the Institute his friends and he designed and built two gliders: "Aist" and "Bumerang".
      Since 1929 he worked as engineer -designer at various aircraft industry plants. In 1936-37 worked in USA in the group of specialists at 'Duglas' company , then 'Martin' company. On return from USA participated in developing DC-3 (LI-2) aircraft at home plants and in introduction of aircraft production new methods. Since 1937 he worked as Design group leader at N.N. Polikarpov EDB. Since December of 1939 he started a joint creative design activity with A.I. Mikoyan.
      In 1940-1957 Gurevich worked as Deputy Chief Designer and the next 1957-1964 as Chief Designer at A.I. Mikoyan EDB.
      During the war he participated in creating prototypes, and after the war - in development of high-speed and supersonic fighters many of which were long time widely series-produced and were at service of Air Force.
      Since 1949 to 1961 worked in the sphere of creating winged missiles (theme «B»), managed their designing and testing. Retired on July 1, 1964.
      Lenin Premium (1963), State Premium (1941, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1952, 1953). 
      Awarded with four Lenin Orders, two Orders of Labor Red Banner and Order of Red Star.

R.A.Belyakov    BELIAKOV Rostislav Apollosovich (4.03.1919) - General designer, Doctor of Technical Science, Academician of Russian Academy of Science (USSR Academy of Science) (1981), twice Hero of Socialist Labor (1971, 1982), President of Russian aviation and aerostation Academy, honored member of Royal Aeronautics Society (Great Britain).
      Born in Murom town of Vladimir Region. In 1941 being a diploma student of Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) he started to work at A.I.Mikoyan EDB as engineer on armament and control teams, headed control team, then design team, since 1957 became Deputy Chief Designer on control systems, since 1962 worked as first Deputy General Designer. After A.I.Mikoyan's death till 1998 he worked as General Designer, and at present his position is an Adviser of General Designer.
      R.A. Beliakov supervised creating a number of experimental aircraft and different-integrated series-produced aviation systems including front-line fighter MiG-29 and its modifications, interceptor-fighter MiG-31, development of effective systems of on-board equipment, conducting researches on aerodynamics and gas dynamics, flight dynamics, material structural strength and aeroelasticity and aircraft production technology. In 1992 the modernized MiG-31M was shown, capable to destroy the air purposes on distance up to 280 km.
      In May 1995, EDD Mikoyan, standing on the edge of bankruptcy, merged with serial production plant MAPO (Moscow's Aviation Production Union) and named new company MAPO-Mig. In 1996 finance-production group was created BPK-MAPO, which put EDD Mikoyan into secondary position in a sense of making important decisions. With all those difficulties and no funding, EDD Mikoyan somehow managed to create and launch in the air a brand new MiG-29SMT (1995) multifunctional fighter with increased combat effectiveness by 7-8 times, multifunctional trainer MiG-29UBT, and MiG-AT (1996) trainer.
      Awarded with A.N.Tupolev Golden Medal (1988), Lenin Premium (1972), State Premium of USSR (1952, 1989).
      Awarded with four Lenin Orders, Orders of October Revolution, Labor Red Banner, Red Star, Honor Mark Order, medals.

М.В.Коржуев    KORZHUEV MIKHAIL VADIMOVICH (04/02/1955) - Honored machine designer of Russia.
Was born in Ramenskoye Town of Moscow Region. Since 1975 has been working at ANPK (Aeronautical Scientific Production Concern) specializing on aviation equipment maintenance. After graduating from Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) in 1982 he headed the service, sector and department of flight test station, in August of 1996 he became a head of department on new equipment introduction, since September 1996 was Deputy Chief Designer; since June 1997 worked as Deputy General Director, since September 1997 was appointed as ANPK General Director, and since 1 of January of 1998 he is the General Director and General Designer of "MiG" ANPK.
    Korzhuev is a large specialist in spheres of on-board avionics, radio navigation systems and their integration, computer engineering and electronic display. Integrated works on creating new systems of on-board equipment and versions of MiG-29 and MiG-AT aircraft are carried out under Korzhuev's direct guidance.Н.Ф.Никитин
      On 12 January, 1999 the prototype of 5th generation MFI (1.44) was demonstrated to the public. This sophisticated aircraft will never enter service due to high cost of the aircraft (about $70 million) but will only be used as a flying laboratory and based on experience gained from it, OKB Mikoyan will create a light LFI fighter which is expected to roll out by the year 2005.
      Began modernization of distant heavy interceptors MiG-31 to a multi-purpose MiG-31BM.

NIKUTIN Nikolai Fedorovich - Deputy General Designer of EDD «Sukhoi». Chief Designer of fighters Su-27M, Su-35, Su-37MR and cargo-passenger S-80. Since 3 February 1999 -  General Director «VPK "MAPO», General Designer.
      In 1999 completely it is planned to finish flight tests and to certificate the MiG-29SMT, to certificate the MiG-AT. On February, 29, 2000 the prototype 1.44 (MFI) has made the first flight, tests proceed.
      By the order of the government of the Russian Federation which was signed December, 8, 1999 by prime minister Vladimir Putin, VPK «MAPO» it is renamed into the Russian aircraft manufacturing corporation (RSK) "MiG". The general director of new corporation appoints Nikolay Nikitin.

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