301 / 321


hipersonic recco / bomber

The topic «Maximum» was a program of work to create a family of hypersonic aircraft for various purposes, as well as related weapons and infrastructure. Work on the program at the Mikoyan Design Bureau was headed by N.Z.Matyuk.
Work began in 1975.
Fuselage of the aircraft is welded out of sheet steel, power station is made up of 2 engines – combination of turbojet and ramjet.
While reaching of Mach 3.5 speeds powerplants will work as usual turbojet engines, after that, it will switch to «straight doted thrust» mode. According to western «spy agents», approximate cruise speed of such an aircraft will be about 4250 km/h at a height of 25-27 km. Extreme dimensions of the aircraft will require variable-geometry wings in order to take off from the air fields in service of Russian AirForce. Approximate take-off weight will is expected to be about 80 tones, where fuel will take up about half the space.
It’s planned that the Type-301 aircraft will produced in two major variants: reconnaissance and bomber missile-carrier variants carrying 4 extreme range air-to-ground missiles in the internal tanks.

Design OKB A.I.Mikoyan
Type type 3.01
Function reconnaissance and bomber
Take-off weight, kg 80000
Engines 2 (?) combination of turbojet and ramjet
Cruise speed, km/h (Mach = ) 4250 (4)
Cruise height, km 25-27
Missiles AS

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