E-152P / E-152M



    In accordance with the Council of Ministers resolution dated February 5 1962 and the Ministry of Aviation Industry order dated February 17, 1962, two E-152 aircraft had to be re-equipped for tests and final development of S-155 intercept complex. New R-15B-300 engine had to be installed on the E-152/1 aircraft, and flight tests of this new engine should be carried out. E-152/1 aircraft had to be equipped with «Smerch-A» system and K-80 rockets for system tests and development in the interests of 155 aircraft.
E-152M aircraft was armed with two K-80 rockets providing target seeking from any aspect angle, which were slung under wingtips. Aircraft was equipped with «Smerch-A» radar, SAU-1I «Polet» automatic flight control system, «Lazur-M» airborne equipment for command data link, RSBN-2 «Iskra» short range navigation and landing system and KSI compass system. Aircraft was powered by R-15B-300 engine that had increased thrust and fully variable nozzle. Additional fuel was loaded into three fuselage-fairing tanks and in the first fuselage tank.
It was intended to mount destabiliser on the fuselage nose. Therefore nose and tail parts of E-152 fuselage, as well as underwing rocket stores, had to be modified.
Re-equipment of E-152/1 aircraft began after its world record flights and was finished by the late 1962 when the aircraft was equipped with a non-standard engine. E-152M/2 manufacturing was delayed due to absence of standard engine. The aircraft fitted out also with non-standard engine was assembled only by June 1963 and was transferred to the flight test station of the plant on June 14 1963. R-15B-300 No 8 engine delivered in November 1963 and installed on E-152/1 aircraft could be used only for ground tests of aircraft with engine running. Flights were not made since a permit to operate engine in-flight was not available. Flight tests of these aircraft were not started in 1963-1964 because the R-15B-300 engines suitable for flight operation were not delivered.
E-152M in Domodedovo (1967) Therefore, the program was cancelled, and E-152A aircraft was used for experimental work.
After completion of tests E-152M, in July 1967 the machine have shown on the exhibition at the airport Domodedovo. Its fuselage decorated an inscription «E-166» and three small asterisks, indicated about an establishment of world records. However all this did not correspond to the validity – records were set on the first prototype airplane E-152-1, and the name «E-166» was thought up for FAI with the purpose of observance conventional Soviet conspiracy. After the exhibition E-152M
aircraft was transferred to Monino Air Force Museum.

Design OKB A.I.Mikoyan
Type E-152M
Year 1961
Function all-weather interceptor
Crew 1
Dimensions & Weight
Length, m 19,656
Wing Span, m 10,3
Wing Area, m2 42,89
Engines 1 Turbojet R-15B-300
Thrust (max / in afterburner), kgf (kN) 6480 / 10210 (98,07)
Flight data
Max speed, km/h 2681
Practical ceiling, m 22670
Missiles 2 K-9-155 or K-80

Scheme E-152M

E-152M with mock-up of missiles K-80

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