Tu-160PP – project of the director interceptor. The Tu-160PP was intended to be produced in a variant of the aircraft designed to organize a collective system of electronic counteraction of groups of strategic carriers, as well as for long-range interception of strike and transport aircraft of a probable enemy.
In the mid-1980s, the appearance and composition of the on-board equipment of prospective jamming aircraft Tu-22MP and Tu-160PP were determined.
Works on Tu-160PP aircraft were brought to the stage of production of in-kind layout.

Design OKB Tupolev
Type Tu-160PP
Function Strategic director of hindrances-interceptors
Dimensions & Weight
Length, m 55,1
Wing Span, m x = 20° 55,7
x = 35° 50,7
x = 65° 35,6
Height, m 13,35
take-off weight, kg max 275000
Engines 4 afterburning turbofan NK-32
Thrust, kgf (kN) max 14000 (137,2)
in afterburner 25000 (245,7)

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