front reconnaissance-bomber

Фронтовой ракетоносец-бомбардировщик E-155MFAccording to the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of May 24, 1968, the multipurpose Е-155М was created in three main versions: fighter-interceptor E-155MP as part of the aircraft all-altitude intercepting complex of aerial targets S-155M, front reconnaissance-bomber E-155MF and reconnaissance aircraft E-155MR.
The front attack rocket-bomber was E-155MF designed with RD36-41M engines and variable sweep wing. The machine was designed to target mobile and stationary (including small-sized) ground and surface objects, which were in the operational depth of front-line aircraft, to strike various stationary and area targets. Were not excluded fight against transport planes and helicopters by means of rockets of the class “air-air” with thermal heads of homing and also conducting passing radiation and air reconnaissance with photographing in simple meteoconditions, especially when flying at small heights. E-155MF Model
On the aircraft it was planned to install “Rys”(Lynx) targeting and navigation system, which is coupled with the SAU-155M automatic control system. Its radar allowed the detection of ground and surface targets from high and low altitudes, the targeting of guided missiles, including anti-radar missiles (Kh-58), and the dropping of bombs. In addition, when flying at low altitudes, the terrain and use of guns were allowed.
The E-155MF with fixed wing was very similar to the future MiG-31, except for the wide nose, where the crew cabin with the pilot and navigator sitting next to it was located.

Фронтовой ракетоносец-бомбардировщик E-155MF с ракетой класса «воздух-поверхность» под фюзеляжем

Схема E-155MF

Вооружение E-155MF

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