administrative SST

In the 80s. in OKB after A.I.Mikoyan the idea arose of creating a supersonic 701P aircraft with a high value of aerodynamic quality, which could become the basis for the construction of an administrative aircraft for intercontinental flights.
Unlike Tu-160 and Concord, with a tailless design and an animated wing shape, the installation of two engines with an upper air intake in the rear of the fuselage was proposed. The passenger cabin was located in front of the fuselage, fuel tanks were in its central part, as well as caissons wing and keel. The bow was performed non-deflecting.
Two more modifications based on the administrative aircraft were developed.

Design OKB A.I.Mikoyan
Type 701P
Function supersonic administrative aircraft
Crew 2 (?)
Dimensions & Weight
Length, m
Engines 2 turbofan


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